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Peoplechart's goal is to be the most effective adherence solution in the marketplace for helping clinicians and health care organizations optimize patients' health outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care. Peoplechart was founded in 2001 with a mission to empower patients with the technology and services to collect, organize, and provide access to the clinical information created by multiple healthcare providers. Patients can be effective partners in their care when they can access the same information that others are documenting and reviewing about them.

Since then, we have broadened our family of products to include data analytics, metrics, and algorithms – data solutions that enhance the use and usefulness of patient information. We have worked to collect and organize patients' medication and laboratory data for a long time. It was a natural step for us to focus on medication adherence – as an opportunity for us to shine in data analytics and address a significant problem in healthcare.

Peoplechart's clients to date are among the nation's top hospitals and medical societies. They include American College of Cardiology, Partners Health Systems and University of Chicago Hospitals Our strategy is to work closely with health care organizations that are innovative leaders in setting standards for defining quality in the treatment of chronic diseases. Learn more about our projects and clients.

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