Peoplechart Patented System Security Invention

Peoplechart employs state-of-the-art firewall and password protection methodology. It has also implemented unique methods for protecting information against the risk of security breach or unauthorized access. The key layer of additional protection is provided by a set of rigorous measures for safeguarding your information built into our patented information security system. Please review other sections of this website for more information about the many ways we protect member information and our policy on privacy.

[In early 2008, Peoplechart was issued a patent for its information security system by the U.S. Department of Patent and Trademark Office; this patent is entitled "Method and System for Protecting Information on a Computer System" (Patent no. 7370349).]

Dual Channel Lock (Session ID)

For systems that are used to store and provide access to medical records data, information security is always a major concern, especially when that information is accessed or distributed via the Internet. In addition to using state-of-the-art firewall and password technology similar to those used by financial services companies for online banking systems, Peoplechart's also uses a patented security system to add another substantial layer of information security for its members.

Peoplechart's patented (Dual Channel Lock System) is specially designed to help minimize the risks associated with systems that enable internet access for their authorized users. With the Peoplechart system, a member's medical data is available to online servers only when that information is needed by the member or an authorized user of the member's account. At all other times, the member's medical information is safely stored on a database server that is not internet accessible.

The Dual Channel Lock provides individuals with a mechanism for controlling the timing of data flow from one computer system (or partition) to another. Essentially, the Dual Channel lock enables the user to specify (schedule) a start time and duration for online access to a member's account. This time-based mechanism minimizes the risk of unauthorized Internet access to the member’s data via combined use of online and off-line servers and scheduled access sessions.

Typically, systems require two login codes: User ID and Password. Unique to Peoplechart, we have the SessionID, a third and optional code. This code enables an individual to keep vital information stored offline (in our secure system) until the individual schedules a time and duration for the information to be available online. The Session ID is communicated through a separate secure channel.

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