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Enterprise-Driven PHR System for International and Specialty Patient Practices

With the globalization of medicine, patients often cross international borders to receive treatment. Many also work abroad and need access to their medical records in case of emergencies or for treatment in a foreign country. Peoplechart's Personal Health Record (PHR) system enables members of the professional healthcare team from multiple, diverse organizations to retrieve, share and access information securely and privately according to the preferences of the provider organization and of the patient.

A flexible PHR tool

Our PHR applications are currently deployed in VIP patient-concierge medicine and in various second opinion programs. By using the Peoplechart PHR system, patients and their health care providers can:

  • upload electronic files or multiple document images
  • download to a portable and an executable file with 256-bit encryption
  • self-report information
  • communicate with other users
  • view patient information
  • review audit report activities

Great user controls

Peoplechart provides a robust client management platform that works on both the administrative and individual patient levels. Designated administrators can use Peoplechart's management dashboard to set up organizational-wide and affiliate-level access as well as assign individual staff to specific patients. The dashboard helps provider users coordinate with each other based on their registered roles and privileges as defined by the program or program administrator. More private and secure than most hospital systems, staff can only access the files of patients to whom they are assigned, and only specific information based on the privileges granted to them.

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