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Hypertension Tracking and Alerting System – For Disease Management

In today's busy practice environment, there is often little time to help patients fully understand their condition(s) and the benefits of closely adhering to their treatment plans. Many patients follow "doctor's orders", but some do not, at least not completely. While controlling hypertension lies largely in the hands of the patient, clinicians can encourage patients to contribute to better health outcomes by doing a few things – for example, pay attention to physician instructions, make healthy lifestyle decisions, and be diligent in self-monitoring.

A pioneer in physician-initiated, patient-engaged model

To address this need, Peoplechart and the American College of Cardiologists (ACC), the professional medical society for cardiovascular specialists around the world, have partnered to build the first-of-its-kind, a physician-initiated hypertension management application. The ACC CardioSmart Hypertension Tracker™ powered by Peoplechart organizes and presents multiple blood pressure readings, goals, and lifestyle measures in one place.

Providers can set baseline measures for each patient, determine blood pressure goals, and respond to system-generated alerts/reminders for improving patient adherence when the patient's condition exceeds the provider-specified threshold. Blood pressure outcomes are averaged on a daily basis, trended across time, and displayed next to patient-entered information about their lifestyle activities.

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