Peoplechart Innovations

Raising the bar in use and usefulness

In 2001, Peoplechart was in the forefront of creating the innovative technologies and customer service processes to help patients retrieve, classify, and convert paper to electronic medical records. This led to a proprietary method of unifying data created by multiple sources and in structured and unstructured (image-based) format. Today, we are the proud inventor of several patents that improve the ways in which patient data is collected, organized, analyzed, and protected. These technical inventions reflect the depth in which we view and apply data-driven technologies for improving health care and health care delivery.

Scoring System for Monitoring or Measuring Adherence in Medical Treatment

Patented on April 2, 2013 (No. 8,412,542)

Effective treatment of patients in post-hospitalization settings involves monitoring patient's clinical activities (i.e., taking medications, tests, making follow-up appointments, and other specified actions) and also evolving medical condition, collecting corroborating data from pharmacies and labs, and accessing information and feedback from all care providers who interact with the patient. Peoplechart's unique scoring system takes advantage of the latest data from all of these sources, applies weights to key factors, and then combines them into an overall score for measuring the degree of adherence.

Combining Medical Information Captured in Structured and Unstructured Data Formats for Use or Display in a User Application, Interface, or View

Patented on August 21, 2012 (No. 8,250,026 B2)

A critical component to achieving continuity of care is for providers on a patient's healthcare team who are using different electronic systems and methods of record keeping to have access to all of the patient's medical data in one place. Peoplechart's latest invention is a method of integrating patient information in a variety of structured and unstructured formats – paper, digital, and eventually, video and voice – into a single interface for electronic display, searching, and sorting. This breakthrough solution highlights Peoplechart's track record as an innovator in patient information management, especially when information is captured from multiple sources and maintained in various formats.

A Patient-Directed System and Method for Managing Medical Information

Patented on January 12, 2010 (No. 7,647,320 B2)

This latest patent describes the originality, power, and practicality of the Peoplechart patient-driven model integral in a fragment health information industry. "When patients see two or more physicians, they need a way to ensure that their health profile information, medications, test results, and medical records are collected, organized, and accessible in a secure manner whenever needed by the patient and/or health professionals." One of the key aspects of the invention is the use of a service provider that works on behalf and at the request of patients and their providers to retrieve medical records from a plurality of healthcare providers and to provide storage, organization, and access at anytime.

Method and System for Protecting Information on a Computer System

Patented on May 6, 2008 (No. 7,370,349)

This patent shows our commitment in safeguarding patient information while also making it accessible through the internet. Peoplechart imbeds this proprietary security feature in all of its products, an extra layer of protection to help minimize the risks associated with systems that enable internet access – a unique advantage not offered by any competitors. This feature includes capability for an authorized user to set a start time and limit the time period (duration) with which authorized access is allowed through the internet. This extra protection is additional to the standard security protocols for online access: state-of-the-art firewall protection, stringent login credentials and verification process, advanced encryption for all internet-based data communications, encryption within Peoplechart's systems for "data at rest", and firewall protection.