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Paper-to-Electronic Conversion System

Remarkably, patient records from 45% of providers are still only available in paper format. Peoplechart has patented technologies for converting paper documents into electronic records. These records are then classified into multiple categories so that they can be organized and searched, together with structured data and with current e-health records. We are also proud of our patented security system for safeguarding patient information.

Full service document management

Peoplechart's patented technology makes the conversion from paper to electronic records easy. Unlike other document management applications that provide users with online folders into which they drop documents for do-it-yourself-classification, Peoplechart offers a full service document management system. We work on behalf of physician groups and their patients to request and retrieve paper medical records from any physician office, organize the documents, and display them in a meaningful and effective way.

Simple interface: Saves time and leads to greater patient insights

We also offer a proprietary service that enables the integration of unstructured and structured data – paper, electronic, and eventually video and voice – into a single interface. This method of combining paper and electronic data into one integrated view offers users important capabilities to search, sort, and review patient status not available with any other integration methods.

Document processing driven by customer service and innovative technology

Upon receipt of a record retrieval request, Peoplechart contacts the provider to facilitate timely arrival of the medical records. Once received, the Peoplechart medical record specialist applies our proprietary technology to electronically classify each document from an array of medical record types, sorted by author, author date, medical specialty, and provider name. For enterprise customers, categories for medical record types are customized to the specific informational needs of the healthcare provider, with classifications calibrated to the level of detail requested by the provider. Records can also be grouped together as a multi-page document for ease of review.

Easy to use: Search and display are at your fingertips

After documents are gathered and classified, we apply our unique document display technique for ease of review and understanding. Users review all documents, specific categories of documents, or use the convenient primary and secondary keys for a narrower search. With the Document Timeline, users can view documents visually across years by simply selecting a dateline.

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