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Testimonials from Individuals

Our nationwide members often contact us to let us know that Peoplechart has made a difference in their lives. Here are just a few of the stories we have received over the years:

“I have just recently been diagnosed with cancer, and have seen more doctors and diagnosticians in the last two months than in the entirety of my life. I am having the records of all these interactions, diagnoses and recommendations collected by Peoplechart so I can keep track of everything, and so I can better monitor my health after I am cured (hopefully) of my current tumor.”

C .F. (New York)

“Peoplechart's service has been particularly useful for my children's records. One of my daughters first went away to boarding school, and then to college. Peoplechart made it easy to have some of her medical records available for review by her local physicians at school.”

M. G. (San Francisco, California)

“My daughter struggled in primary school – even though she was very intelligent according to tests. She was eventually diagnosed with ADHD and depression, and once treatment for those illnesses began, she started to show much improvement. But when she went to high school, we had to have all of that diagnosis and adaptation by the school repeated. As a result, her transition to high school was pretty rough, and she barely got through classes in her first two years. She was depressed and angry and wanted to leave school. Finally, we found good therapy and treatment for her at school, and she prospered in her last two years, getting solid grades in advanced placement classes.

Because we have a record of those diagnoses and medications readily available at Peoplechart, we have been able to send it to the advisers and medical counselors at the college where she was accepted. We now have a good course of treatment and school accommodation arranged in advance. And I think she will enjoy college much more and be more successful as a result.”

C. W. (Montana)

“I have two young daughters, and since they were infants, they've had lots of health problems – asthma and allergies, including allergic reactions to many different foods, in addition to all the other illnesses that young kids get.

Over the past couple of years, we moved from California to Tennessee and then back to California. It seems like I spent years making trips to new doctors' offices and emergency rooms, filling out forms and explaining the children's histories to new doctors. When I heard about Peoplechart and the idea of collecting and keeping a complete copy of your own medical records, I said, ‘of course, that's exactly what I need.’

Getting started couldn't have been easier. Peoplechart did all the work for me, and gave me a well-organized book for each of my children's medical history.”

J. W. (Santa Rosa, California)

“Peoplechart is perfect for kids that see lots of doctors. Once, when I had one of the girls in the emergency room, I made a call to the call center and had the summary report and most recent records faxed right to the hospital.”

M. W. (Knoxville, TN)

“…There's nothing that compares to Peoplechart. My wife, mother and siblings are [also] enrolled in the program.”

D. A. (Cambridge, MA)