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Testimonials from Organizations

Peoplechart is working with health care providers across the country to ensure that its service meets the needs of both patients and health organizations alike:

California Medical Association

“With more than 35,000 members and the largest physician organization in the country, we strongly believe that it's important to evaluate the impact of PHR on both physicians and their patients. We believe that the evaluation of Peoplechart will yield important findings, including: (1) better coordination of care for patients being referred to or from other physicians; (2) better experience and greater satisfaction from physicians and their patients; and (3) cost savings to physicians through streamlined processes in records management.”

California Medical Association, Sacramento, CA

“With better immuno-suppressants and less invasive surgery, the number of kidney transplants from live donors have increased significantly. These donors are often asked to see several providers and undergo extensive testing prior to surgery. Timely access to these records is critical… Following the procedure, they are required to have periodic evaluation visits. PHR will allow the Transplant Institute team to track patients closely during the evaluation process.”

Transplant Institute of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI

Benjamin Rose

“Benjamin Rose was established in 1908 to serve older persons in greater Cleveland. Having a centralized, complete and current medical record that is immediately accessible to health care providers in different settings would be of great benefit. [The Peoplechart service] can ensure that higher quality, more efficient and safer health care is available to older adults. Since 40% of our clients have a family caregiver, the benefits that this technology on the care process and well-being of caregiver is also of keen interest.”

Benjamin Rose, Cleveland, OH

The National Consumers League

“The National Consumers League is a national consumer advocacy organization, founded in 1899, to represent consumers in the marketplace and workplace. We are very pleased to support the proposed demonstration project on the use of PHR. NCL looks forward to working with Peoplechart…{and} is greatly concerned about patient safety, that consumers are informed and educated about their health care conditions…and that we help consumers take better take control of their own healthcare.”

National Consumers League, Washington DC

“We have a long-standing commitment to the health care needs of our clients. We look forward to the Peoplechart collaborative project and the opportunity to provide our clients with access to their health care information in a responsible and systematic fashion.”

Waikiki Health Center, Honolulu, HI

“Although it would be beneficial for all of us to have a personal health record, it is imperative for caregiving families who must be vigilant advocates for their loved ones in health care settings. At the National Family Caregivers Association, we strongly believe that until care coordination becomes an integral part of healthcare, family caregivers are unfortunately the only people who can provide coordination between medical providers and across settings. That is why I am so excited about the Peoplechart study.”

National Family Caregivers Association, Kensington, MD

National Council on Patient Information and Education

“The National Council on Patient Information and Education is pleased to participate in the demonstration projects that advances the Personal Health Records (PHR) model and its related technology, as demonstrated by Peoplechart. Pediatric patients are high users of health care in diverse settings, including primary care, specialty care of many types, emergency care, school health care, public health clinics and allied health care. Typically, the information flow is poor, with no one stakeholder in the system – including the family – having access to medical information when and where it is needed.”

National Council on Patient Information and Education, Bethesda, MD

Hawaii Medical Service Association

“We appreciate the work that Peoplechart is doing with community health centers in Hawaii. We support the efforts to develop a viable and sustainable Personal Health Record, which will assist the health care centers in improving the care they provide.”

Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), Honolulu, HI

National Alliance for Caregiving

“Having timely access to relevant medical information of a young patient who is growing and whose health needs change frequently provides a sound basis for quick and better informed decisions. If we can understand how these caregivers for one of the most vulnerable patient groups – minors with chronic illness or disability – use and benefit from the PHR, the feedback can be relevant to all health care consumers, particularly caregivers for patients from the other end of the age spectrum, baby boomers who are caring for their parents and, of course, aging themselves.”

National Alliance for Caregiving, Bethesda, MD

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