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Our Mission

MedsIncontextTM delivers innovative solutions designed to improve patient's adherence and prescription appropriateness through surveillance and early detection of behavioral and clinical risks. We strive to bring actionable intelligence about the relationship between medication adherence and condition-based outcomes into the workflows of care management. Our objective is to provide the best-in-class solution for clinicians and patients to adhere to evidence-based guidelines for achieving optimal treatment results.

Our History

Peoplechart began its work to improve patient engagement and outcomes over 10 years ago with its successful patient health record offerings (PHR). This work extended to smart applications for lung transplants (University of Chicago) and hypertension (American College of Cardiology).

Peoplechart also established significant expertise with integrating and reconciling multiple data streams and data formats across disparate EHR systems to create a single pane view of patient history. In the last three years, Peoplechart has developed extensive data exchange and system interface certifications for EHRs, labs, and medications. Our surveillance system is built on patent-pending algorithms for drug-lab pairing, risk scoring, and actionable dashboards that help clinicians identify patients and the clinical and behavioral drivers behind poor treatment results.

Founded and Advised by Experts

Founded by experts in the fields of patient engagement, medication use, medical informatics, quality improvement, advanced analytics, and healthcare technology, Peoplechart does the hard work of data integration, normalization, processing through algorithmically-driven methodologies, and visualization of medication surveillance.

Our Leadership

Megan Mok, CEO & Founder

Thought leader and healthcare executive with 15+ years of experience in building patient engagement solutions for health systems. Patient engagement workgroup advisor to Markle Foundation (Connecting for Health). Inventor of 4 utility patents, launched and won multiple awards for patient health portal and data integration including design of MedsIncontextTM. MBA, Univ. of Chicago. BA, Columbia University.

Dave Holvey, MS, Engineering and Security

Former SVP of Business Intelligence at Wells Fargo Bank, 20+ years in systems, data analytics, database management and security. MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Eduardo Ortiz, MD, MPH, Medical Informatics and Quality

Nationally recognized leader with over 18 years of clinical and research experience in evidence-based medicine, guideline development, quality/performance measures, informatics, and outcomes research. Previous positions include Senior Medical Officer at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health, Associate Chief of Staff and Director of Clinical Informatics at the Washington DC VA Medical Center, and Senior Advisor at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Nancy Buckman, RN, MSN, MBA, Clinical Integration and Population Health Management

Clinical operations and nursing executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in developing care management and mental health programs, Partners Healthcare Systems (PHS) service line commercialization; defined infrastructure and secured participation for ACO formation, UMass Memorial. Adjunct Faculty at Boston Univ.; U Connecticut School of Nursing.

Our Advisors

Jack Lewin, MD

President of Cardiovascular Research Foundation (ARO). Chairman, National Coalition on Health Care, Washington DC. Previous positions include Presidents of two of the nation's most prestigious medical associations: American College of Cardiology and California Medical Association.

David Meltzer, MD, PhD

Elected member (2015) to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine (NAM), formerly the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Chief of the Section of Hospital Medicine; Director of Center for Health and Social Services; Chair of Committee on Clinical and Translational Science; Professor in the Department of Medicine and affiliated faculty member of the Harris School and the Department of Economics, University of Chicago.

Whitney Limm, MD, Clinical Integration

Vice President of Clinical Integration at the Queens Medical Center with over 20 years of experience in General Surgery and Transplant Surgery. Previous positions at Queens include Medical Director of Surgical Services and Chief of General Surgery.

Kathy McDonald, MBA, Healthcare Research Executive

Executive Director of two national research centers at Stanford University: Center for Health Policy and Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research. Served in two Institute of Medicine Committees: Measuring What Matters (Pediatric and Adolescent Health); Health Care and Diagnostic Errors in Health Care. Thought leader, author, and contributor to evidence-based quality measures, including Quality and Patient Safety Indicators for the Agency Healthcare Research and Quality; Care Coordination Measures Atlas; Closing the Quality Gap; and Patient Safety Practices.

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